Why (and How) You Should Teach Your Kids to Budget

As all parents know, financial responsibility is a hugely important life skill, one that’s crucial to future success. From balancing your checkbook to making sure you pay off bills on time, budgeting your money is indispensable to all functioning adults. Let’s take a look at the case for why this subject should be taught in [...]

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Tech Tips for Parents

In today's  hyper-networked world, screens are unavoidable. The future is here, and it’s confusing. It’s not just the sheer amount of electronics that are available, from iPads to laptops; instead, the fact is that many of these gadgets are a two-sided coin: while they have plenty of benefits, they also contain significant [...]

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How Parents can Adapt to Common Core

Source For most of us, it’s very difficult to change. This holds true for anything from altering personal routines to building new thinking habits. But in the case of the new Common Core curriculum, change is necessary, even vital. After all, the future of the next generation—our children—is on the line. First things first: [...]

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Debunking Common Core: Some Background

Source One of the biggest new controversies in education is the Common Core Math curriculum. As parents, you’ve probably heard about how Common Core is difficult, unwieldy, and worst of all, poorly designed and confusing to parents, students and teachers alike. But the truth is far more complicated, and can’t be reduced to a simple [...]

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